Guest house Pavlin

From the center of Samobor using a car or a bus It is a few minutes ride to Vrhovčak. Across Samobor forests and meadows, on a paved road to the excursion place Pavlin.

For those who want to walk, there are many hiking trails that lead to Pavlin excursion place.

Opening hours of the restaurant:

Saturday - Sunday 12 to 21 hours  (other days we work by prior booking for groups of guests)

Information and reservations:
Restaurant: +385 98 9396 283 (Tomislav),
Accommodation: +385 98 9396 283 (Tomislav),
Wine cellar: +385 98 432 491 (Mario),
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We prepare authentic local dishes from our own production as well as homemade breads and all with a superb wine from our own cellars.

In our restaurant, we offer cheese with cream, homemade cold cuts, soups, duck, turkey with dumplings, grilled meat, various roasts and other local dishes of poultry, pork, veal and game.

In the winter are unavoidable homemade garlic sausages, black pudding, sausages with stewed cabbage and potatoes. Among desserts, we offer homemade custard slices, walnut loaf, poppy, various strudels and pancakes. The food is exclusively from our own family production.

Besides all the food we offer, we also have the top quality corn bread and homemade vines and service is on the family level. Indoor household of restaurant can accommodate 50 guests, and 50 more on the terrace.


Aperitiv dishes  
Fresh cheeze with sour cream 25kn
Cold platter Pavlin - home made ham, bacon, salami, cheese, pepperoni, onion 45kn
Home-made ham 45kn
Home-made salami 45kn
Home-made bacon 45kn
Dried cheese 45kn
Beef soup with noodles 12kn
Cream soup season 15kn
Grilled meals  
Grilled turkey 55kn
Grilled tenderloine, pork filet 70kn
Grilled mixed meat 55kn
Grilled pork cutlet 35kn
Pork meat on stick 35kn
Grilled sausages 40kn
Grilled minced meat fingers 35kn
Hamburger 40kn
Stuffed hamburger 45kn
Grill plate with side dish for 2 person 120kn
Grill plate with side dish for 4 person 240kn
Ready to serve meals  
Vension stew 50kn
Roasted duck 55kn
Roasted veal 60kn
Cabbage rolls with meat and rice (sarma) 40kn
Blood sausages 35kn
Garlic sausages 35kn
Main meals  
The samobor cutlet 45kn
Stuffed veal Pavlin 75kn
Pavlin steak 60kn
Stuffed pork filet 80kn
Wiena style pork meat 40kn
Wiena style turkey meat 55kn
Wiena style veal meat 55kn
Zagreb style pork meat 50kn
Zagreb style turkey meat 60kn
Zagreb style veal meat 60kn
Veal meat 55kn
Wild boar steak with mushroom sauce 70kn
Said dishes  
French fries 13kn
Fried potato chips 13kn
Roasted potatoes 15kn
Croquettes 15kn
Grilled mushrooms 20kn
Grilled vegetables 20kn
Home-made noodles with gravy, Croatian specialty 12kn
Gnocchi in gorgonzola souse 30kn
Ravioli stuffed with cheese and spinach in gorgonzola souse 30kn
Gnocchi 15kn
Stamed cabbage 15kn
Potato with onion 15kn
Bread dumplings 15kn
Mushroom sauce 15kn
Ketchup, mustard, chutney, cream 5kn
Bread 3kn
Season salad cabbage, green, radicchio, potatoes 12kn
Beans salad 12kn
Apple strudel 12kn
Cheese strudel 12kn
Pancakes with chocolate, marmalade walnuts 20kn
Pancakes in the wine chateau 25kn
The Samobor kremsnite - Samobor specialty 10kn
Cake with poppy seeds and walnuts - available according to daily offer 12kn
Hot drinks  
Coffee espresso 8kn
Coffee with milk 10kn
Instant coffee classic, vanilla, chocolate 12kn
Cappuccino 10kn
Cocoa 12kn
Tea 8kn
Tea with honey 10kn
Sodas juices 12kn
Natural juices 12kn
Cedevita - 19g 12kn
Sparkling water 0,5l 15kn
Sparkling water 1,0l 20kn
Natural water 0,75l 20kn
Domestic wines  
White wine Graševina - 1l 50kn
White wine Kraljevina - 1l 50kn
White wine Green Sylvaner - 1l 60kn
Red wine Portugizac - 1l 60kn
White wine with soda water (Gemišt) 8kn
 Strong drinks  
Schnapps 12kn
Bermet Pavlin (home-made product) 12kn
Mead 12kn
Domestic strong drinks 8kn
Imported strong drinks 15kn
Double room max 2 person 300kn
Apartment Double room  530kn
Studio apartman Double room  530kn
Extra bed or extra person in room 75kn
Daily rest 200kn
Extra linen 40kn
Breakfast per person 40kn


See photos of the restaurant, food and the terrace:


Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 02
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 03
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 07
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 08
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 09
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 10
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 11
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 12
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 13
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 14
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 16
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 17
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 46
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 48
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 49
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 50
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 51
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 60
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 78
Izletiste Vinotocje Pavlin Samobor 79
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Specialties of restaurant


Restourant: +385 98 9396 283
Accommod.: +385 98 9396 283
Wine cellar: +385 98 432 491

Working Time

Saturday - Sunday 12 to 18 hours (other days we work by prior booking for groups of guests)